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At Windermere, we have always been partial to minimalism instead of embellishment, and homely warmth over opulence. The rooms here are set in bungalows that are a throwback to the old ways of life: gabled roofs; high ceilings; beams of red cedar; teak furniture; terracotta floors rubbed with linseed oil and hardwood floor polished with traditional wax; linen furnishings lovingly embroidered by women from the planter’s family; and crochet and cross-stitch art framed on walls. Cooled by the surrounding mist all day, there are no fans or air conditioner here, for none are ever required.
Room Categories
Perfectly set, our garden rooms are
about 350 sq ft, they enjoy the luxury
of a veranda with either a view of the
valley or the garden.
Estate rooms
Inspired from old plantation houses,
they are all large rooms with a balcony
or sit in area.
The rooms are in three styles,
they all have large picture windows making them bright and airy.
Also provided is a day bed by the window a perfect spot to lazy it out with a book in hand.
Planters Room
The 1,200 sq ft rooms come with wooden flooring, a sitting area, a semi-dining area, big bathrooms and a balcony and large windows that offer a breathtaking view of the mountains
Besides the delightful whiff of lemongrass and eucalyptus lingering in the air, each room has its own character and has been designed with thoughtful inputs offered by our guests over the years. For instance, we added balconies where there were none earlier. Our beds are bigger—6 ½ ft long— so your feet never hang over the edge. Even our armchairs have been crafted with more generous dimensions.
All rooms come with a breathtaking view of the surrounding
gardens, hills and valleys. There is a profusion of foliage all
over, as nature has been offered a free run of the estate. So
instead of manicured perfection, our gardeners carefully
retain a touch of the untamed wilderness here. Step out and
you will be greeted by hundreds of flowering shrubs along
with trees of coffee, guava, peach, pepper and
gooseberries. Exotic butterflies, bees and birds are always
found hovering outside the windows as if deciding their trajectory. And the cicadas and crickets rarely ever stop humming, though their pitch may vary through the day.
There’s much to discover about nature and yourself here. That explains why, unlike other hotels, we do not encourage room service—for even the short walk to the restaurant might just reveal many of the small wonders of nature that are forever withheld from you in the confines of a room.
The planter’s family that run the estate live right next door. So you are never too far from any travel advice, assistance or tips that you may need during your stay here.
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We respect Munnar
We respect everything that
we borrow from nature and
try our best to return the
favour. For instance, we
use energy efficient lighting
all over the estate. A bio-gas
plant provides us all the
fuel we need for cooking.
And water used around
our premises is recycled and
used in our gardens. As of
now, we are also experimenting resolutely through many trials
and errors to set up a
vermi-compost unit in our estate,
which should enable us to pursue organic farming—hopefully
sometime soon.

The bags and notepads used at Windermere are of recycled paper
made by children suffering from
disabilities at the nearby Shrishti Welfare Centre run by Tata Tea.

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