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Plantation Walks
Every evening, we conduct a walk through our cardamom plantation. The 4 km route takes about 2 hours to cover, and packs more than a few exhilarating moments. As cardamom can only grow in restrained sunlight, a dense cover of evergreens shelter the plantation. Keep your binoculars and ornithology reckoner handy, as you will spot more than a few dozen varieties of birds and butterflies. (All through the estate, we grow different varieties of plants expressly to attract butterflies.) Our naturalists who conduct the tour will introduce you to not just botanical terms and peculiar characteristics of the flora and fauna, but also the charming folk lore associated with leaves, flowers and birdsounds.
View Point

The highest point on the estate is the - View
point , perched on a rock right in the middle of
the property. Take the rough-hewn steps carved
into the granite that lead to the viewing balcony
at the top. Enjoy a surge of giddy excitement as swathes of mist envelop
the hills and valleys – and you. You can sit here for hours gazing at the
panorama of cardamom and tea below. Carry your binoculars with you,
as birds (and sometimes butterflies) abandon their reticence at this height
and you may spot some of the rarest and most beautiful wings fluttering
not too far from you.
The Glen
If you’re feeling cooped up in your room, and yet too lazy to go for a walk
or trek, you could relax in the hammocks that we have strung up amid the
stately gathering of pine trees in our estate. We call it the Glen. A tranquil
space, carpeted with soft moss and wild flowers, you could recline here
comfortably with a book – or just your thoughts.
No one quite knows how old the Boulder is. But it’s undoubtedly been
chiseled over more than a few millennia. A huge rock at the edge of the accommodation area in the estate, its overhang creates a dramatic niche
shrouded by a canopy of trees, which has been converted into an informal
seating area with eucalyptus tree stumps and stone benches. It’s the perfect
place to strum a guitar and sing; or sit huddled around a bonfire and enjoy a delicious barbecue with side dishes of laughter, conversation and contentment.
The Library

There is much travelling that can be done in an
armchair while you are lost in a book.
Hardwood knotted floors, teakwood ceilings,
wrought iron lamps, and roomy armchairs lend our library an old-fashioned
charm straight out of a Victorian novel. Sit by one of the large windows
and gaze at the meadows and trees outside, or check out our bookshelves.
You will find an engrossing collection of fiction and non-fiction in English,
French, Dutch and German, along with a decent pile of children’s literature,
in addition to magazines such as National Geographic and Life. If you
need more options to exercise your mind, we have a choice of board
games: Scrabble, Chess, Monopoly and Pictionary.
You are likely to spot a variety of colourful butterflies as you stroll through the beautiful Windermere Gardens. Munnar is one of the destinations included in the butterfly tour organised by the Kerala government.
Bird Watching
Bird Watching It so very interesting and relaxing to be going birdwatching in the area, and Windermere plantations is an ideal place with its shading tall trees, bushes and tiny creeks. The organised tour into the estate offers an opportunity to understand the bird life in the estate, and for the more keen birdwatchers, we could organise for a stroll through the estate early mornings with a local person who will help you explore those nooks and corners where you might catch the sight of these endemic birds.
Birds that you will see: Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Grey-breasted Laughingthrush, Malabar Whistling Thrush, Nilgiri flycatcher, Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher. Bird Watching
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We respect Munnar
We respect everything that
we borrow from nature and
try our best to return the
favour. For instance, we
use energy efficient lighting
all over the estate. A bio-gas
plant provides us all the
fuel we need for cooking.
And water used around
our premises is recycled and
used in our gardens. As of
now, we are also experimenting resolutely through many trials
and errors to set up a
vermi-compost unit in our estate,
which should enable us to pursue organic farming—hopefully
sometime soon.

The bags and notepads used at Windermere are of recycled paper
made by children suffering from
disabilities at the nearby Shrishti Welfare Centre run by Tata Tea.

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