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We offer a thoughtful choice of Continental, Oriental and Indian cuisine for meals as well as breakfasts. Also making a frequent appearance on our table d’hote menu are many of our family recipes handed down by generations of inventive Syrian Christian Malayali women who took great pride in their kitchens and backyard gardens.
To keep the cherished legacy alive, we have been growing an assortment of fruits and vegetables on our estate for several years now—bananas, passion fruit, tree tomatoes, guavas, and gooseberries, to name a few—just so we can bring you fresh food as best as we can. Even the pure honey served on our tables is all thanks to the diligent bee-keepers on our plantation.
You can enjoy all of these at The Barn or The Hut.
The Barn
The Barn, our restaurant, is a sunlit, woody place that looks out into the hills. Surrounded by thickets, there’s a meditative silence in here that is occasionally broken by the sizzle of spices, and the rhythmic sounds of spoons and forks.
Our restaurant is exclusively reserved for our in-house guests. If you like a dish, we won’t just share the recipe with you, but also teach you how to make it. Come and meet our chefs & share their thoughts on local ingredients or learn to put together a local dish. Even better, we are more than happy to learn a recipe or two from you!
Though we stick to authenticity when it comes to ingredients and slow cooking, we try to tame
Pungency as much as we can to cater to all palates. If you are allergic to any ingredient, please mention it when you check in, and our chef will ensure everything served to you is suited to your taste and comfort.
The Hut
The Hut is a rustic space that, reminiscent of its name, has a unadorned native appeal. For chairs, it has smoothened stumps of eucalyptus and oak trees that
had surrendered to time long ago. For tables, there are large hunks of wood
nailed and riveted together to form a rugged serving space.
As the tea brews in our large samovars filled with spring water processed
through layers of charcoal, The Hut fills up with delicious aromas and anticipation in the gathering dusk. Here guests led down their formal reserve and share their travel experiences with each other over tea and snacks—all on the house.
At Windermere we do not have the right to serve or permit consumption of alcohol in a public area. The laws of the state permits only hotels with liquor license to have such facility. Guests are advised to bring their own preferred alcohol, to be consumed in the privacy of their rooms.
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We respect Munnar
We respect everything that
we borrow from nature and
try our best to return the
favour. For instance, we
use energy efficient lighting
all over the estate. A bio-gas
plant provides us all the
fuel we need for cooking.
And water used around
our premises is recycled and
used in our gardens. As of
now, we are also experimenting resolutely through many trials
and errors to set up a
vermi-compost unit in our estate,
which should enable us to pursue organic farming—hopefully
sometime soon.

The bags and notepads used at Windermere are of recycled paper
made by children suffering from
disabilities at the nearby Shrishti Welfare Centre run by Tata Tea.

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